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1. Color-settings
2. Rotating
3. Merging
4. Cropping
5. Leveling
6. Redrawing
7. Resizing
8. Cleaning Bubbles
9. Saving

Adjustment layers
Training Raws

Cleaning a scan basically means making the scans look good.
Oni_nonclean_small (12K)
Oni_cleaned_small (11K)

There are many steps in the process of cleaning a scan:
1. Colour-settings: Make sure the scan is in greyscale mode or, for colour images, RGB mode.  [+] [-]
2. Rotating: Rotate the scan to have it aligned correctly.  [+] [-]
3. Merging: Connecting two pages that are part of a double page spread.  [+] [-]

There are some pages with art that is spread over two actual (paper version) pages; those pages need to be merged (connected). To do so, first create a new psd-data (Controll-N), being sized larger than the 2 pages together. For example, if you have 2 pages with the resolution of 2400x1600 pixels, create the new psd-data with the resolution 2600x3500 pixels. Afterwards you have to move (V) both single images into the psd-data you just created. Make sure the lines more or less fit together, or that you can imagine what is in between.

redraw_1_small (12K)redraw_1_small (12K)

Next thing you have to do is redraw whatever is missing in between the single pages. This is quite easy if it is just blacks and whites; you can use the brush tool (B).

redraw_1_small (12K)

It is somewhat harder if you have to redraw patterns though. There are two ways of doing that: cloning (S, then click Alt-Key on what you want to see cloned, and draw your mouse over the parts that are supposed to be filled) and using the rectangle tool on the pattern elsewhere (M), then copying it into a new layer(Controll-J) and finally move it to the right place (V); maybe you will be required to erase some of the just copied stuff to fit it into the surroundings using the eraser tool. (E)

redraw_1_small (12K)redraw_1_small (12K)redraw_1_small (12K)redraw_1_small (12K)

In general pattern redraws are dangerous, because you need to fit the newly added stuff completely into the pattern.

4. Cropping: Crop out unneccessary parts of the scan.  [+] [-]
5. Leveling and dusting: Level the image so the blacks are black and the whites are white without damaging the greys then clean any specks that were left.  [+] [-]
6. Redrawing: Complete any necessary redrawing, e.g. restoring the background behind offtexts.  [+] [-]
7. Resizing: Resize your image to have a web-compatible size (depending on your group this may not be wanted)  [+] [-]
8. Cleaning bubbles: Clear the text from the bubbles.  [+] [-] [Action]
9. Saving: Save the image.  [+] [-]

Other useful stuff pt.1: Adjustment layers.  [+] [-]
Other useful stuff pt.2: Training Raws.  [Low Quality]