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0. Settings
1. Choosing fonts
2. Putting in text
3. Centering, shaping, font-size
4. Strokes on Offtexts
5. Rotating texts

Warping and rotating

Typesetting is basically putting text on cleans, so making that...
Oni_nonclean_small (12K)
Oni_cleaned_small (11K)

...look like this...

Oni_nonclean_small (12K)
Oni_cleaned_small (11K)

The most important and basic principles are:

0. Having the correct settings  [+] [-]
1. Choosing fonts  [+] [-]
2. Putting in text  [+] [-]
3. Centering, shaping, font-size  [+] [-]

The core, and hardest part, of typesetting is centering, shaping the text, and choosing an accurate font-size. Let us first talk about the centering.
Centering means the text should be exactly in the middle of the bubble, if the bubble collides with a border, there are two possibility you can choose from: either you imagine the rest of the bubble and center it along with that or you use the borders as ends of the bubble.

Oni_nonclean_small (12K)

The upper right panel is quite a nice example for the "border" method. The panel at the bottom right is, especially if you check out the horizontal dimensions, an example for the "imagination" method.
Back to general centering, to make sure you have centered correctly take the rectangle tool (M) and draw the rectangle from the text to the outside of the bubble, then drag the rectangle to the opposite side of the text. If the distance is the same on both sides, or in other words, if the rectangle fits on one side just as nicely as it does on the other, the text is centered nicely (at least either horizontally or vertically; so if you wanna have it 100% accurate do the rectangle method both right-left and top-down).

Oni_nonclean_small (12K)

Also important to remember are the ends of the bubbles. If you have an elliptical bubble, make sure to measure the "center" as the intersection between the widest points (top-bottom and left-right). The left example is correct, the right is wrong.

Oni_nonclean_small (12K)

Now for the next part: The shaping. This means having the text shaped the same way the bubble is, usually a diamond shape but not always.

Oni_nonclean_small (12K)Oni_nonclean_small (12K)

The last point, font-sizes, very much depends on the genre and demographics. As stated before, screamed text needs to be bigger; because of that, action manga and shounen often have higher average font-sizes than e.g. slice of life seinen manga. Except in rare cases of screaming, you should always leave a margin (the stuff marked red in the image below) between the text and the bubble's outlines. Adjust the font-size accordingly.

Oni_nonclean_small (12K)

4. Strokes on Offtexts  [+] [-]
5. Rotating texts  [+] [-]

More advanced stuff below:

Warping and rotating texts  [+] [-]